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TruckView Fresnel Lens - EXT 0106

TruckView Fresnel Lens  - The Road Haulage Association

The lens that eliminates the HGV passenger-side Blind Spot!

Product Code: EXT 0106 


The lens that eliminates the HGV passenger-side Blind Spot!

TruckView is recommended by the Department for Transport's - Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), Highways Agency, and Transport for London and is also procured by the MOD for utilisation by the British Joint Armed Forces, In-Service Vehicles and Support Vehicles.

When TruckView is fitted to an LGV's passenger window and used with the existing rear-view mirrors, it significantly reduces driver blind spot related accidents, typically involving vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and cars.

TruckView is a clear, thin, flat soft PVC lens that is both easy to press fit and even easier to remove from a truck's passenger door window glass. Importantly, the lens does not obstruct the driver's view of the road or the existing mirrors.

Its concentric ring surface allows the driver to see through it directly, (so it's not a reflected view) however it's advanced optical properties provide a downward view close to and around the trucks passenger door mirror blind-spot area.

VOSA says that even the latest LGVs with a full complement of six mirrors in compliance with the new "EU Directive 2007/38/EC" still have blind spots to the passenger side which are large enough to hide a family saloon car. They also go on to say that drivers and operators can help to save lives by fitting their vehicle with a TruckView Fresnel Lens

TruckView reduces these extremely dangerous LGV mirror blind-spots by up to 90%

Trials conducted by the UK Government have shown that fitting TruckView Fresnel Lenses to vehicles reduces both the frequency and severity of "sideswipe" accidents.

Each Fresnel lens comes with full diagram and fitting instructions, along with Observations & Guidance notes.

Soft PVC Lens and Peel-Back Adhesive 

Size: A5 

A premium model Hi Vu Acrylic material is also available, along with a larger sized PVC version – see product codes: EXT 007 & EXT 008. 

  • £7.95 + VAT

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