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Solid Extruded Edge Protector - LOA 042

Solid Extruded Edge Protector  - The Road Haulage Association

Ultra heavy duty edge protector

Product Code: LOA 042

The Ultimate Extruded Edge Protector for pallets and wider loads. Specially commissioned for building products, ideal for blocks and bricks.

Special Features:

Very strong, yet lightweight. Far safer than dangerous metal edges.

Extended top wing at 190mm is 70mm wider than the vertical wing for integral stability on the load.

Scientific mix of polymers ensure flexibility even at low temperatures, and zero pressure internal corner helps to protect the leading edge of delicate materials like laminates and composite panels

Can be handled by the ProPole system

Ultra heavy duty edge proector

Zero pressure inside corner

Top wing 190mm

Bottom wing 150mm

Length: 1150mm


  • £12.55 + VAT

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