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Smart Witness Full HD Vehicle Accident Camera with 2.4" LCD Monitor (32GB) INC 008 INC 008

Smart Witness Full HD Vehicle Accident Camera with 2.4" LCD Monitor (32GB) INC 008  - The Road Haulage Association

Full HD Vehicle Accident Camera with 2.4" LCD Monitor for Live View, Playback & Setup

The SVC1080 (32GB) features a full HD (1080P), 170° lens to provide a comprehensive view of any incident. The SVC1080 will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information;

Drivers view of the road

Vehicle Location

Impact Force of an incident

Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking & steering)

In addition to this, the recorder features a 2.4" LCD display and optional audio recording. The SVC1080 is designed to look like a part of the vehicle with a small and unobtrusive frame, preventing any unwanted attention from passengers or passers-by.

Designed for simple DIY installation, the SVC1080 attaches to the inside of your windscreen using a high strength adhesive pad. In the event of an incident/accident occurring, the user can simply remove the SD Memory Card from the unit and plug it into a Windows PC using the included USB SD Card Reader. You can then playback, search, backup and email recordings, using the Smart Witness Analysis Software provided.

The SVC1080 also comes with free use of the SmartWitness Cloud Service. This service allows you to easily transfer data recorded by the unit to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly.


The SVC1080 is Full HD (1080P) vehicle accident camera that features a 2.4" LCD monitor for live view, playback & setup. In addition to this, the recorder offers many unique features, including;


High Quality Insurance Approved 170° (Pillar-to-Pillar) viewing angle

Adjustable recording frame rate - 10fps or 30fps

Real Time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost, even when not recording in continuous mode

Optional Audio Recording

Flexible recording modes:

Event - records whenever an incident/accident is detected by the unit's built in Shock Sensor (G-Sensor)

Continuous - records all the time and bookmarks the recording whenever the Shock Sensor detects an incident/accident

Overwrite function for First In First Out loop recording in 10 minute sections

Password protected recordings, preventing unauthorized access of recordings and data on the SD card

Playback & Analysis:

Includes the SmartWitness SVC1080 Analysis software for Windows and Mac, allowing you to:

Playback recordings

Search recordings by time/date

Search by vehicle speed

Search by incident/accident

Save JPEG snapshots

Save AVI file backups

Export data for Google Maps for detailed information on driver location and journey

Additional Features:

Built-in GPS receiver, ensures the highest accuracy for vehicle location and speed

Full Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View Integration

Advanced 3rd generation Bosch G Sensor - Thatcham Tested

Easily Upgradable comms interface - 3G, 4G, Wifi, WiMax, Bluetooth ready

Enhanced vehicle information reporting including location, speed & driving style


Manufactured using light weight polycarbonate, keeping the unit small and light

Hard wiring prevents unauthorised unplugging of unit

2.4" LCD Monitor for Live Viewing


CE, RoHS, FCC and Emark approved for extra piece of mind

What’s In The box:

SVC1080 Vehicle Accident Camera

3m Mounting Bracket

Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

User Manual

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