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ProZorb Desiccant Pole - LOA 040

ProZorb Desiccant Pole - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: LOA 040

Technically advanced, safe moisture adsorbing desiccant for goods in transit, protects against rust, mildew, mould, germination and corrosion.

Dry chemical powder actually absorbs up to 300% of its original weight – 10 times more efficient than Silica Gel – and no risk of spillage!

Use mainly in steel shipping containers, caravans, and mobile offices.

Typical uses are:

• Electronics • Metal • Musical Instruments • Furniture • Paper • Textiles • Foodstuffs

Dry Weight 1000g

Tested, Guaranteed, Insured.

EN Compliant. Certified by SGS, REACH, RoHS and MSDS

Technical Spec: Active content: Calcium Chloride Performance: Up to 300% absorption operates between -5C and 90C Dry weight: 1000g Product and Packaging: recyclable and environmentally friendly Compliance: European Standards Approved

ProZorb is specifically designed for use in steel shipping containers which experience high levels of condensation during transit. As the desiccant absorbs the moisture the powder turns to gel. No risk of leakage of water if the ProZorb pole becomes detached from its position on the journey.

For peace of mind, insist on ProZorb

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