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Pallet Lifting Bars (Pair) - LOA 072

Pallet Lifting Bars (Pair)  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: LOA 072

Pallet lifting bar - 1.5M - 2000kg safe working load (1pair)

The pallet lifting bars can be used by trucks with an on-board crane, when no fork truck is available.

The lifting bars slide through the pallets and four lifting slings are placed at each end to lift the pallet from the vehicle floor.

Each pair of pallet bars is rated to 2000kg and is usually used with 4 duplex 2000kg lifting slings.

Stop ends at each end of the bars stops the slings from sliding off.

An identification label is riveted to one end of each bar.

The pallet lifting bars are 5ft (1.52m) long and are powder coated yellow for corrosion resistance and high visibility.

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