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Hazard Warning Light - SAF 0164

Hazard Warning Light  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 0164

The Night Searcher Pulsar-AAA hazard warning light is a multi mode LED warning light designed for hazard awareness or for signalling.

The unit is virtually crushproof, waterproof and floats.

It can withstand up to one tonne of pressure.

It can be used to aid recovery in breakdown situations, for hazard warning lighting, demarcations or for use in traffic management.

Visible from over 1 kilometre from any angle.

Has a strong magnet (300GS) which enables it to be mounted to a car or other steel surfaces for use as a worklight.

360 illumination, with up to 10 different light modes.


167g product weight including battery

Visable from all angles up to 1 kilometre distance

Rotate: 8 hours

Quad flash: 8 hours

Single blink: 25 hours

Alternating blink: 8 hours

SOS rescue: 12 hours

Steady on high: 7 hours

Steady on low: 20 hours

2 LED light: 25 hours

4 LED light: 18 hours

White flood: 20 hours

  • £18.30 + VAT

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