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Dustite Wheelnut Indicator (Standard shape) Fluorescent Yellow (24mm)

Dustite Wheelnut Indicator (Standard shape) - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: EXT 091

Dustite is a Loose Wheel Nut Indicator Dust Cap.

Dustite® is a Loose Wheel Nut Indicator Dust Cap for use by heavy or light commercial vehicle fleets to enhance an existing fleet-wide vehicle safe running regime. It combines the benefits of a wheel nut dust cap and the Checkpoint® loose wheel nut indicators.

Dustite® are fixed and adjusted using the same system and procedures used on Checkpoint®.

Dustite® offers the established benefits of wheel nut caps: - Prolonged service life of wheel studs & nuts. - Protection of the stud & wheel nut from damage & corrosion - Aesthetic appeal and visual finish. And the additional benefits of Checkpoint®: - Large highly visible pointer - Cost effective risk management tool - Improved confidence in the accuracy of walk-round inspections - Enhancement of fleet safety and roadworthiness - Driver and workshop awareness of vehicle safe running.

The integrated design of the Dustite® fully encloses wheel nuts manufactured to ISO, DIN, or the BS standards that cover Spigot, Captive Washer, Conical, or Spherical seating wheel nuts. In application, the Dustite® should be mounted on a lightly greased wheel nut. This helps protect and seal the wheel nut and stud from the ingress of water and road debris that can cause corrosion of the wheel nut and stud threads.

Dustite® use raises the awareness of safety at all levels and states publicly, a commitment to safety. The polymer used is a special grade Polyethylene and is suitable for operational use where the product could be subject to petrochemicals, road salts, detergent cleaners, ultra violet, and running hub and transient braking temperatures of up to 125°C

Sizes; 24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 38, 41mm

Available in:

  • Fluorescent Yellow
  • Red

Pack of 10

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