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Checkthread Kit - EXT 0108

Checkthread Kit  - The Road Haulage Association

Tool kit for checking stud and wheel quality

Product Code: EXT 0108

The Checkthread kit is a handy set of tools designed to facilitate the monitoring of wheel stud quality and stud hole integrity, as well as to determine the correct nut type to be used with the wheel.

The product should be used when servicing wheels, to help raise awareness of the critical nature of wheel security, its fundamental correlation with the quality of studs / stud holes and to highlight problems to reduce the risk of accidents occurring

What's included?

Thread tester:

Used to highlight problems with the stud thread that are not necessarily obvious under initial visual inspection, such as stud stretching, distortion, damage, dents, cracks and corrosion.

Standard Checkthread tester sizes are M18, M20, M22 and Scania (7/8 UNF-11).

Stud Hole Elongation Tool:

In size 21mm, 24mm and 26mm. The SHET tool element of the Checkthread kit is used for identifying elongation and damage to wheel stud holes.


The spherical / conical tool is used for determining the type of stud hole seat on a wheel rim.

It is recommended that a thread tester is used on every stud at the point of wheel servicing and/or at regular intervals in line with company vehicle service policy, however some companies choose to use the thread testers as a 'spot check' quality test for studs, or test a portion of the studs as standard such as two studs per wheel.

It should be noted that any specific manufacturer's instructions on wheel fitment, torqueing and servicing procedures should always be strictly adhered to.


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