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The Splash Stop - DRI 020 - 60mm

The Splash Stop  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: DRI 020

The Splash Stop is ideal for using when re-fuelling your vehicles which have an Anti syphon device fitted.

When a Anti syphon device is fitted to your vehicle, the common issue filling up is when the nozzle constantly keeps cutting off, or when you do find the correct point it starts splashing out over you're nicely clean and shiny tank.

The Splash Stop consists of a one piece, unbreakable disc device with an opening to allow the fuel nozzle to be inserted.

Once inserted you can find the correct spot that allows the fuel to flow freely, limiting the fuel to splash back out of the neck of the tank

Insert the Splash Stop at an angle, twist and turn into place. Once in place the Splash Stop can be turned to whatever point you need to start refuelling.

Available in different sizes, to suit your vehicle:

Scania: 60mm

Volvo, DAF, MAN: 80mm

Volvo (with integral anti-syphon): 90mm

Click the video link below to see the Splash Stop in action.

Variations on The Splash Stop

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