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SmartWitness DVS Kit 5 - INC 028

SmartWitness DVS Kit 5  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: INC 028

4 Camera DVS System with 1TB Recorder and Left Turn Alarm/Sensors

Offering longer recording times, this system alerts the driver to the presence of pedestrians and cyclists in the near-side blind spot area.

The in-cab display will show how close the object is to further aid the driver.

Additionally, the system provides the driver with views of the near-side and off-side of the vehicle (including the blind spot), the area directly in front of the vehicle and the rear of the vehicle.

The system can be wired to the near-side indicator* and reverse lights, so that it shows the near-side view when the vehicle is indicating, the rear camera when it is reversing and the forward view at all other times.

The system will also sound a Left Turn Alarm to warn pedestrians and cyclists when the vehicle is indicating.

As well as the 7” monitor supplied for viewing the cameras, an HD Recorder with 1TB memory (for up to 230 hours of continuous recording capacity) is supplied.

Allowing you to use the recordings for Driver Training, Incident Investigation, Insurance Claims and more.

Supplied with cables and connections for fitting in a Van, Truck or Artic.

When fitting the rear-view camera to a trailer, a SUZI Cable is required

  • £1,395.00 + VAT + Free Delivery Available

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