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Hi Vu Self-Adhesive PVC Fresnel Lens (A4) - EXT 008

Hi Vu Self-Adhesive PVC Fresnel Lens (A4)  - The Road Haulage Association

Hi Vu is the new Low Profile, Self-Adhesive, Multi-Vehicle Use, Anti-Blind Spot Fresnel Lens that is made in PVC material.

Product Code: EXT 008 

A Hi Vu Fresnel lens press-fits inside the truck’s passenger side window and is held firmly in place by its own ‘peel-back’ self-adhesive.

Hi Vu has the advantage of being the only Fresnel Lens that comes with an easy ‘Peel-Back’ adhesive surround to press-fit to the inside of a vehicle’s window glass so you get a bubble-free fix.

It is a super thin flexible, ‘water clear’ PVC material and its strong adhesive surround ensures that the lens will not get easily peeled off when it passes through the door’s rubber weather seal.

The Fresnel lens provides an extra downwards view for the HGV driver so that at a glance he can see any vulnerable road user that might be hidden in the mirror blind spot, alongside his passenger door.

Unlike a mirror, Hi Vu affords the driver a normal, (through the window) view of what’s close to his cab, not a reversed or inverted mirror image. That means the driver will assimilate any danger much faster and react far more quickly. 

Fresnel lenses are now accepted as a very important visual safety aid for HGV drivers and so organisations such as Transport for London and Crossrail insist that trucks are fitted with lenses before being allowed to undertake transportation work on busy urban roads.

HGV Fleet Managers and Health and Safety Officers agree that simply press-fitting a Hi Vu lens makes perfect economical and safety sense. 

A premium model Hi Vu Acrylic material is also available, along with a smaller sized PVC version – see product codes: EXT 007 & EXT 0106. 

  • £8.40 + VAT

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