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ConeBrite Mounting Bracket - SAF 010

ConeBrite Mounting Bracket  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 010

Following the popularity of our LED Warning Triangle among a variety of industry professionals, we decided to expand its usability even further by designing a unique bracket to attach the BriteAngle securely to the top of any standard traffic cone.

What the BriteAngle bracket means for any profession that involves working on the roadside, is that there is no longer a need to rely on a traffic cone’s reflective properties to illuminate a cordoned off area.

The mounted BritAngle will let road users know of your whereabouts from up to 300m away day or night, and the added height of the cone and bracket can combat the brow of a hill or any other potential hindrance to your visibility.

The small yet sturdy design maximises usability as well as storage, and like the BriteAngle, can be assembled in seconds so you can deal with the task at hand knowing you are seen and safe.

To be used with product code: SAF 009 – BriteAngle LED Waring Triangle

  • £1.50 + VAT

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