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Semi-Electric Pallet Truck - PRO 037

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: PRO 037

Effortless motion for drivers, the semi-electric hand pallet truck is designed to allow maximum usage with minimal effort.

Manual pump with electric drive wheel.

Electromagnetic braking system improves safety.

Half the cost of other fully electric pallet trucks.

Drives over broken up pathways, warehouse floors & half drop kerbs.

Complete your delivery drops quicker, with a 3 hours constant use.

Three-pin charging ~ 240v

Additional features:

Horn and emergency stop

Forwards & back buttons

Turtle & rabbit speed switch

Tandem roller wheels

Lift height 115mm.


Fork dimensions - 540mm x 1150mm.


Overall dimensions: 1580mm L x 560mm W 1


1.8 tonne capacity

  • £1,225.00 + VAT

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