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P-Handle Sack Truck With Pneumatic Wheels - PRO 001

P-Handle Sack Truck With Pneumatic Wheels - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: PRO 001


This P-handle sack truck with pneumatic wheels is perfect for commercial environments where you want to protect the surface as well as the load.

The wheels used with this trolley offer plenty of cushioning, which also makes pushing and pulling less of an effort – the fact that it has a p-handle means you can maintain control with just one hand if you need to do something like open a door.

There are also wheel guards so you don’t have to worry about wheel-rub.

This sack track benefits from a 250mm metal centre, and it is heavy duty enough to be able to deal with loads of up to 180kg.

Max Load: 180kg

Overall Size: 550W x 1310L x 460Hmm



  • £34.95 + VAT

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