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Off-Site Lone Worker First Aid Kit - SAF 0140

Off-Site Lone Worker First Aid Kit  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 0140

BS8599-1 Lone Worker - Offsite First Aid Kit

Ensuring offsite employees and lone workers have adequate first aid equipment on hand.

Perfectly designed for lone workers, offsite employees or outdoor activities and travel.

Employers are responsible for covering the first aid requirements of their employees working outside their main offices or worksite.

This could be workers who travel long distances or those who work at different premises for each job.

Our BS8599-1 kit has been created to be completely British Standards compliant with its contents, the kit is available in a soft nylon bag with separate compartments.

Kit contents:

Burn dressing x 1

Conforming bandage x 1

Eyepad dressing - sterile x 1

Finger dressing - sterile x 1

Foil blanket x 1

Gloves - pairs x 1

Guidance leaflet x 1

Large dressing - sterile x 1

Medium dressing - sterile x 1

Microporous tape x 1

Plasters - boxed x 10

Resus valve - one-way x 1

Safety pins x 6

Saline sterile wipes - boxed x 4

Triangular bandage x 1

Tufkut scissors x 1

  • £10.75 + VAT

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