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Bleed Control Kit - SAF 0195

Bleed Control Kit  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 0195

All Lives Matter Bleed Control Kit

The Daniel Baird Foundation was created to raise the awareness of knife crime and increase the need for advanced first aid training, incorporating catastrophic bleeding control.

Sadly Daniel, was fatally stabbed when on a night out with friends in July 2017. His family and friends intend to bring this to the attention of the public and to show how devastating knife and violent crime has become.

They what to show everyone what they can do to change this, so that Daniel's life will not be in vain.

Working closely with the foundation Steroplast Healthcare have created the 'All Lives Matter' Bleed Control kit.

This kit has everything you need to control and stop a catastrophic bleeding event and save a life.

The kit can be easily stored and be accessed should it be needed.

Kit Contents:

1 x Resusciade face shield

2 x Pair of large nitrile gloves

1 x Stat tourniquet

1 x Responder gauze

1 x Wound stop bandage

1 x Pair of paramedic scissors

  • £45.00 + VAT

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