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DLK Pro Download Key S - TAC 076

DLK Pro Download Key S - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: TAC 076.


This device is fully compatible with the new second generation of digital tachographs!

Designed for Fleets, Drivers, Workshops and Authorities ideal for downloading and archiving mass memory and Driver Card Data from digital tachographs.

Mobile device with easy to ready screen: meets the legal obligations for downloading and archiving in an instant.

Data is read from the tachographs and driver cards and can be then transferred to a PC.

Simply insert the key in the six-pin port on the tachograph.

Ideally for small fleets and owner-operators.

Can be used for all 12-volt and 24-volt digital tachographs.

Fully support of newest smart tachograph generation e.g. DTCO 4.0.

The DLK Pro Download Key S makes it simple. There is enough memory for approximately 6,000 quarterly downloads, making it ideal for small fleets and owner-operators.

It is also possible to transfer the data to a PC via the USB interface.

The latest downloads, download status, battery charge level, available storage capacity and even a reminder function to ensure that statutory download periods are shown on the 2.2-inch colour display on the DLK Pro Download Key S.  

  • £265.00 + VAT + Free Delivery Available

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