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Trailer/Chassis Oil Spill Kit - SAF 061

Trailer/Chassis Oil Spill Kit  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 061

Will absorb up to 80 litres of liquid, the kit is designed to provide a quick response to contain and absorb oil spills before they spread or flow down drains.


One x hinged lid plastic box

Two x absorbent socks (1.2m x 8cm)

15 x absorbent pads (50cm x 40cm)

One x large absorbent cushion

One x 1Kg tub plugging & sealing putty

One x pair of PVC gauntlet gloves

One x disposal bags & ties

One x Instruction & contents sheet

Capacity: 80L

Weight: 18Kg

Dimensions: 66cm x 43.5cm x 30cm


  • £265.00 + VAT

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