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EVO Spill Kit (Clip Top Bag & Drip Tray) - SAF 0125

EVO Spill Kit (Clip Top Bag & Drip Tray)  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 0125

Pack Size: 20 Litres

The General Purpose Spill Kit will absorb up to 20 Litres of liquid.

The kit is designed for portability and quick response to contain General Purpose Spills before they leech under machines or flow down drains.

The addition of the Drip Tray makes for a more versatile kit allowing for drips to be contained or somewhere to place oil drenched items.

The compact kit is ideal for storing in a vehicle.


Clip-Close Carry Bag

Drip Tray 58cm x 40cm x 7cm,13.5L Capacity

Absorbent General Purpose Sock 1.2M x 8cm

16 x Absorbent General Purpose Pads 40cm x 50cm

Disposal Bag & Tie Instruction & Contents Sheet

  • £12.20 + VAT

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