Road Haulage Association

20Ltr EVO Spill Kit (Clip Close Bag) - SAF 0122

20Ltr EVO Spill Kit (Clip Close Bag) - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: SAF 0122

Pack Size: 20 Litres

EVO spill kits absorb more oil and oil-based liquids than comparable polypropylene absorbents.

Treated with a blend of additives to maximize water repulsion, flame resistance and protection against moulds and other microbes

Pack Size: 20 Litres


1 x Clip-Close Carry Bag

2 x EVO Absorbent Socks (1.2M x 8cm)

12 x EVO Absorbent Pads (40cm x 50cm)

1 x Disposal Bag & Tie

1 x Instruction & Contents Sheet

  • £8.10 + VAT

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