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2021-Apprenticeship in Transport Management England and Wales

Transport Manager Apprenticeship

Do you have talented staff on furlough or working from home? Here are 5 reasons to put them on a Transport Manager Apprenticeship

Reason 1: Accelerated training timetable during lockdown Staff on apprenticeships can complete a significant proportion of their training while working from home or on furlough. This is thanks to a special condensed training schedule developed by TRS Training and the RHA, consisting of daily virtual training sessions and self-study. This is a time limited opportunity available for staff who enrol during this lockdown period.

Reason 2: Give your homeworking or furloughed staff a boost Staff working from home or furloughed can feel isolated from the business. Putting them on a Transport Manager Apprenticeship will help them regain their confidence, boost their motivation and shows you value them.

Reason 3: No Levy lockdown – use it or lose it Large employers are still required to pay their Apprenticeship Levy during this pandemic. These funds still need to be spent within 24 months or they will expire and cannot be used for apprenticeship training. Meanwhile, businesses who do not pay the Apprenticeship Levy can access 95% Government funding to pay for apprenticeships

Reason 4: Transport Manager Apprenticeships bring business benefits

Reason 5: Easy to sign up during lockdown There is a virtual process to enrol staff working from home or on furlough onto a Transport Manager Apprenticeship.

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