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Step Protect - SAF 0126

Step Protect - The Road Haulage Association

Product code: SAF 0126

StepProtect nearside front proximity sensor system

StepProtect is a simple nearside corner proximity sensor system that warns drivers as they approach blind-spot obstacles and/or pedestrians and cyclists to the front nearside of the vehicle, reducing accident damage and personal injury.

The system consists of 3-4 rugged waterproof sensors, an in-cab LED traffic light system, plus warning buzzer. The LED traffic lamp is affixed to the passenger side A pillar and changes colour as the danger nears.

Green = vehicle @ 1.5m distance from obstacle
Amber = vehicle @ 0.8m distance from obstacle
Red = vehicle @ 0.5m distance from obstacle plus continuous warning tone.

In conjunction with his mirrors, the driver sees the lamp change colour and takes the appropriate action.

The buzzer will sound only when the vehicle is 0.5m from detected obstacle.

The control unit is wired into the ignition feed via a SpeedSwitch or a pre-programmed pin in the vehicle which will shut off the system above 7mph/10kph. A different shut off speed can be achieved by simple switch adjustment.

Average installation time approximately 1.5 hours.

StepProtect is now fitted as standard by many leading fleets who are delighted with its safety and money-saving benefits.


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