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IT1000 - 3G Vehicle Camera - INC 016

IT1000 - 3G Vehicle Camera  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: INC 016

With the Intelligent Telematics IT1000 device, you do not rely on remote SD card devices to show you the footage of any incidents.

The IT1000 has the capability of getting the video off the device remotely, within seconds of an incident happening!

Instant notification by email when an event happens to one of your fleet.

No more worries about having to get the SD card out of the vehicle…full HD footage arrives straight to your PC or phone within moments of it happening!

No more concerns over corrupted SD cards that you don’t know are broken until you have an accident….the IT1000 tells you if the SD card is struggling (before it is broken) and you can reformat it remotely.

Insurance benefits since blame can be assessed immediately with no quibble and 3rd party costs can be dramatically capped.

The IT1000 video telematics system (ISO9001 accredited) is an on board GPS/3G HD camera which can be fitted to any vehicle and offer telemetry data over the mobile phone network.

As it is hard wired to the vehicle and cannot be removed, the information is always available upon ignition live.

The unit transmits its speed, GPS position, and G-Force sensor data frequently to a designated server. In the event of a collision or a triggered event, the unit automatically transmits all its data for that event.

The video footage and clarity is of the highest quality, and is remotely downloaded to the designated server within minutes, allowing our clients to download and review the video footage as required.

PLEASE NOTE: The IT1000 3G camera will require the use of a SIM CARD for each device, see product code: INC 021.

Once you have purchased your new IT1000 3G camera, on delivery of your device you will be contacted by the support team to help assist you with setting up the device, initial training on features and benefits, at which point they will activate your SIM card (which is already installed in the device when delivered to you)

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