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Glow Anti Slip Tape (Diagonal) 50mm 18m - CLE 019

Glow Anti Slip Tape (Diagonal) 50mm 18m - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: CLE 019

Glow Anti Slip Tape (Diagonal) 50mm 18m

Photoluminescent Anti Slip Tape Glow in the Dark Tape 50mm x 18.3 Metres

Black and Glow Diagonal Striped

Often used in escape routes and around fire equipment or for zone marking.

All our anti slip tapes come with extra hard aggregate finish to make sure you don't slip despite the conditions. This tape can be used inside or outside.

Our tapes are used for many applications including garage, workshops, factories, warehouses, yards etc.

What makes this tape different from standard anti slip tapes is the Glow in the Dark properties. Photoluminescent anti-slip tape basically means when the lights are low or off you can still see the tape highlighting a potential hazard such as a sudden drop or a workshop pit for example.

The material works by absorbing both natural light and artificial lights. Once the light goes out this tape will then project this light back out, glowing for up to one hour.

Size: 50mm Wide x 18.3m Roll   

  • £17.95 + VAT

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