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Heavy Duty Pallet Truck - PRO 009-1 (540 x 1150mm forks)

Heavy Duty Pallet Truck - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: PRO 009-1

Very Heavy Duty BuxTrux Pallet Truck

2500kg Lifting Capacity as standard.

Single Rollers, Poly-on-Nylon steer wheels ensuring rust free areas, anti-slip and are highly durable.

Comfort Touch Handle.

Three different Fork size variations available:

540 x 1150mm forks, Ideal for both size pallets, Euro or Chep GKN

540 x 1000mm forks for Euro Pallets.

680 x 1000mm forks for GKN Chep Pallets.

Please select below, which fork size variation before ordering:


Variations on Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

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