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Product Code: LOA 051

The EXTRAClick+ is a revolutionary device that takes the guesswork out of securing LGV/HGV loads using 5 ton rated ratchets and straps. 

Watch our video to see the EXTRAClick+ in action!

It enables the operator to achieve the correct tension when tightening ratchet straps. 

To date, it has been difficult to ascertain whether the optimum ratchet strap tension has been reached.

By applying upward pressure on the handle, the product ‘clicks’ to alert the operator that the desired loading has been reached (to the fraction of the 50 Dan/50kg force, required by European Standards)

This product is designed to secure loads on all types of trailers/vehicles. It is not to be used for tightening curtain side straps and buckles, as it can tear the curtain


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