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S6800 Truckmate Pro Sat Nav (UK & EU) - INC 059

S6800 Truckmate Pro Sat Nav (UK & EU)  - The Road Haulage Association

S6800 Truckmate Pro UK & EU

Product Code: INC 059

The NEW Truckmate Pro UK & EU S6800 is the latest edition to the Truckmate family.

(EU) - Covering European mapping as well as UK

The market leading satellite naviagtion range dedicated to trucks and commercial vehicles.

Truckmate is delighted to unveil the latest 7" satellite navigation device; S6800.

Brining together a wealth of driving aids into one brilliant device, the S6800 brings together their award winning street level naviation and is now compatible with Tyre Pilot (Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

Enter the height, weight and width of your vehicle and Truckmate Pro will automatically calculate a truck friendly route, avoding low bridges, height and weight restrictions plus many other common hazards and restrictions you are likely to face.

But that's not all, not only will Truckmate Pro S6800 ruote you around most restrictions and hazards accross europe but it will guide you along the most economical route, saving you time and money through fuel consumption.

Compatible with the latest drving aid, Tyre Pilot, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, display the pressure and temperature of your vehicles tyres on your Sat Nav's screen with the added benefit of audible alerts when pressure drops and abnormal temperature increases.

Simple to install, using the Bluetooth Tyre Pilot option: See product codes: INC 009 & INC 010.

What's Featured?

Latest street level mapping supplied by Navteq - UK & Ireland & European mapping

Unique Lane Guidance
Specially formulated by Snooper, the lane guidance software provides advanced notification of which lane to use for larger vehicles when approaching junctions

My Speed Technology
Speed limits of nearly every road across Europe can now be clearly displayed at all times on your Truckmate Pro S6400. Choose between the speed limit for cars and advisory speed limits for trucks 3.5t and over, plus My Speed can be set to alert drivers if they accidentally exceed the speed limit.

Navigate by Junction Number
Following requests by truck drivers, the Truckmate range now includes navigate by junction where you can search and navigate to any motorway junction number using the updated ‘Find by Map' function.

Your Route
The Truckmate range includes the ability to create and save your own personalised routes, by using the map view to create your route taking in that specific point of interest

Point of Interest ‘Corridor' Search
Designed specifically for larger vehicles, the ‘corridor' search function enables you to search for specific points of interest along your pre-programmed route

User Controlled Adjustable Map Text
Truckmate offers the option to increase the text size of road names and numbers on the screen making them easier to read for safer and better navigation

Route Timer
Designed for truck drivers, the route timer notifies you when you need to take a break and can be preset for advanced warning times for safer driving

Multi Route Technology
Truckmate's unique multi-route technology allows you to calculate a single route around a maximum of 16 different destinations just by adding the postcodes to your route. No stopping and starting, struggling to find each and every address, the multi route technology will simply calculate your best route through the different destinations saving you time and money

TMC Traffic Information Technology
Truckmate's TMC information is provided by ITIS, probably the best traffic information provider in the UK. TMC delivers accurate and reliable information to assist drivers in planning ahead. The service will alert you to all traffic incidents across the country and list them in distance order from your current position, making it easier for you to accurately estimate your time of arrival. Plus, if there is congestion ahead on your route, you can simply ask the Truckmate Pro S6400 to automatically re-route and guide you around it.

Bluetooth Handsfree
The Snooper Truckmate Pro S6800 is equipped with Bluetooth Handsfree Technology so that if you do have to take a call whilst you are driving you can do so safely, with both hands still on the steering wheel.

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x S6800 Portable Satellite Navigation System
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x Home Charger
  • 1 x Windscreen Bracket
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x TMC Antenna
  • 1 x Soft Carry Case



  • £285.00 + VAT + Free Delivery Available

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