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Propulstation Booster Pack (vehicle) 12/24V 1600/800CA - PRO 027

Propulstation Booster Pack (vehicle) 12/24V 1600/800CA - The Road Haulage Association

Booster Pack comes with its own docking and charging station for the vehicle.

Product Code: PRO 027 

Booster Pack comes with its own docking and charging station for the vehicle

The worst problem with jump starters and battery booster packs is that when you really need it....IT'S FLAT.

A battery booster pack that is not regularly charged will not last and won't be working when you need it!

There can be little doubt the PROPULSTATION, newly invented by Ceteor is going to revolutionise the world of boosters and jump starting.

The storage and recharge station means that, for the first time, a battery booster with all the power of PROPULSTATION can recharge itself automatically.

As a result, its battery will always deliver 100% power ensuring successful starting every time it is used in addition it will vastly improve the booster’s battery life.

Top Selling Points:

Booster Pack comes with its own docking and charging station for the vehicle

The booster is always ready for when you need to use it

You always know where the charger is unlike conventional booster packs

Batteries will last much longer than normal as it is constantly charged. Main reason for battery failure is that they become discharged, and the acid eats away at the plates in the battery. Keeping it charged prevents this from happening and therefore extends the life of the battery

What goes on inside the PROPULSTATION?

The battery:

This is the heart of the device. Therefore, the Ceteor battery has been designed with the main focus on jump starting. It uses pure lead plates and is an AGM (absorbed glass mat) type battery.

The application of aerospace technology ensures extremely high performance and service life. The battery has exceptionally high capacity to accumulate and disperse high-amperage energy; it is a dry battery and can be stored safely in any position.

For users who like to know exactly what’s going on, the PROPULSTATION has a charge indicator.

The Body:

Robust, shell case design, 5 mm shatterproof polyethylene ensures a high level of shock resistance. With a lifetime guarantee and modern aesthetics that will always remain stylish.

The Clamps:

The PROPULSTATION has robust, wide-opening clamps which are fully insulated and have a copper trace carrying the current to both of the bronze jaws.

Jump Leads:

The PROPULSTATION jump leads are long, flexible and have a cross-section capable of delivering the battery’s full power.

The Voltmeter:

The illuminated voltmeter allows the alternator of the vehicle being assisted to be tested.

The Recharging Connector:

The high-capacity recharging connector is built to robust industrial standards.

The Recharge Station:

The recharge station is available in two versions: the DC/DC station for vehicles (which is this unit) and the AC/DC station for workshops. (See product code: PR0 028)

The workshop station has a 230V/12V AC/DC system to connect to the mains.

The vehicle charging station is connected to the alternator by the 12V/12V DC/DC lead. This has a one-way diode that prevents the breakdown vehicle from discharging the booster. The lighting and other equipment on the breakdown vehicle are heavy current consumers.

The fuse:

The status of the fuse can be seen without opening the unit.

This unit is designed to be installed into a vehicle (DC)

Voltage - 12/24v

Cranking Amps -1600/800CA

Peak Amps - 2370

Cable length - 1.35 Metre

Cable Diameter - 35mm2

Clamp Length - 190mm

Weight: 20.5kilo (without docking station)


  • £1,100.00 + VAT + Free Delivery Available

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