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TAC 053 - Digidown-plus (Download Tool)

TAC 053 - Digidown-plus - The Road Haulage Association

Digidown-plus digital download tool

Product Code: TAC 053

DigiDown+ is the portable all-in-one device for downloading driver smartcards and vehicle unit data.

No computer connection required Provides maximum flexibility for gathering your digital tachograph data This product combines the same tasks as the Digidown (TAC 050) and card reader (TAC 016) into one portable unit.

Ideal for remote areas where there is no immediate access to a computer. Powered by batteries.

N.B Will not work without a relevant software package, e.g. RHA Analysis

For further details on RHA Analysis please call 01733 842777.

  • Was: £175.00
    Sale Price: £157.50 + VAT

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