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To become an RHA member, complete an online application or call the RHA's membership team on 01733 261131.

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Trucks are essential to the UK economy - and that must be recognised. We are proud to have a road haulage profession that is efficient, responsive and perhaps the safest in Europe - and we aim to ensure that it stays that way. Haulage operations are perennial targets for high taxes, more regulation and controls and that is being given a new twist with the green agenda and climate change. The RHA is at the forefront of political activity, representing your interests with Government, in Europe, in local affairs as well as with other industry bodies. We are constantly campaigning on your behalf and gather your views at regional and specialist group meetings, events and seminars. The RHA is the voice of the UK road transport industry – join us and make it stronger.

Member benefits include:

  • Use the Area manager and helpdesk services for unlimited telephone and face to face support on operators licensing and employment issues, driver’s hours and tachographs, current and future legislation, legal and technical advice and assistance with authorities such as DVSA and the department of transport.
  • Use of the RHA logo on company stationery.
  • RHA stickers for your vehicles.
  • Use of the RHA Conditions of Carriage which are copyrighted for RHA members and can limit your liability and reduce your goods in transit insurance. We are aware that some people trade under these conditions without being in membership. You must be an RHA member to trade under these conditions. There are recent cases of claims adjustors not agreeing limited liability due to people trading under the conditions and not being members and if you are not a member it may cause issues with your insurance company in the event of a claim.
  • Inclusion in the RHA online directory (50% of our members have said that this has brought new business opportunities).
  • Access to cost tables, fuel price information, a copy of the Haulage Manual, access to member regional briefings and a subscription to the Roadway magazine all completely free of charge.

Member Services include:

  • RHA Analysis which is a tachograph analysis service for members at £0.11 0.15p per duty for digital and £0.25 - 0.30p for analogue depending on whether you would like a pay as you go or a pay upfront service. There are no hidden costs, free vehicle downloads, free secure data storage and free upgrades and support. The support line is charged at a local rate and you can get automated email reporting.
  • RHA Shop offers preferential payment terms and free delivery on orders over £100. RHA Analysis customers benefit from buying tachograph rolls at £1.75 for a pack of 3. A competitor sells a similar product for £5.48 a substantial saving over the course of a year.
  • RHA Training offer substantial discounts of up to £250 per course compared to the non-member price. Our Transport Manager CPC pass rate is also consistently higher than the national average.
  • The RHA FTA Fuel card offers a competitive fixed weekly price negotiated exclusively for members, operating on the key fuels network it covers over 1800 sites and members also get free access to the online fuel management system allowing you to keep a careful eye on every penny spent and significantly reduce administration.
  • RHA Legal Services is a comprehensive legal advice, support and representation service available exclusively to members of the RHA for as little as 20 pence per vehicle per day. 
  • RHA Insure offers competitive vehicle insurance rates as well as RHA Legal Services for companies with up to six vehicles insured.
  • RHA Smart Test assists members to provide them with all aspects of drug and alcohol testing – including policy writing, sample collection, laboratory analysis and training and education. 
  • RHA Rescue which is a vehicle breakdown and recovery service for members with no up-front charges and a pay as you use service.

How to Join

To become an RHA member, complete an online application or call the RHA's membership team on 01733 261131.

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