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Snooper DVR WF1 Dash Cam - INC 023

Snooper DVR WF1 Dash Cam  - The Road Haulage Association

Product Code: INC 023

The Snooper DVR-WFI discreet camera records onto the included 8GB Micro SD card at 1080p HD.

The GPS Antenna embeds location data alongside the video footage, should this information be needed to back up any incidents.

A Wi-Fi App connects to your DVR-WFI to aid setup and allow instant playback of your files


Micro SD card included.

DVR-WF1 comes complete with an 8GB micro SD card. All footage is recorded to the micro SD card, and to ensure you never miss an incident, DVR-WF1 will quarantine 30 seconds of video surrounding any event. For increased recording length, increase the storage to a 32GB micro SD card. All Snooper DVR's come complete with a Micro SD card, unlike other lower priced DVRs.

GPS Enabled.

DVR-WF1 has a GPS antenna which embeds GPS data (Location, Speed, Time, Date) onto the video footage as extra evidence to prove what occured, when.

Viewing footage.

It’s easy to view any footage recorded on your DVR-WF1 through the dedicated APP. Also using the SD card, download the video files to your PC and review quickly, simply and clearly.

Built-in screen?

DVR-WF1 has no built-in screen, but has a dedicated smart device APP for Android & Apple products.

Voice guidance supported.

Voice guidance function for user’s convenience.

Night and day.

DVR-WF1 provides crystal clear high definition imagery night and day, providing 24 hours a day security.

IR LED – on.

The infrared LEDs help improve visibility at night.

Manufacturer guarantee.

Snooper DVR-WF1 comes with a 12 month Snooper guarantee.

What's in the box?

•Snooper DVR-WF1 vehicle drive recorder

•GPS windscreen Antenna

•Adhesive windsceen mount

•5V USB vehicle Power supply

•GPS antenna

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    Sale Price: £85.00 + VAT

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