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DRI 001 - Alco Check - The Road Haulage Association

Alco check

As a Goods Vehicle Operator YOU are deemed responsible for the actions of your drivers when out on the road. Do you have procedures in place to ensure your drivers are not driving whilst under the influence of alcohol?

Alcohol abuse detection has never been so easy or so quick. Alco-check contains a yellow reaction layer that turns green when exposed to alcohol vapour. If the green colour change reaches or exceeds the indicator line which is set at 0.8%, the current drink and driving limit (80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood) may have been exceeded.

It's easy to use. Simply remove the Alco-check from the packaging, bend the ends, and insert the Alco-check into a measuring bag. The test can be completed in just 15-20 seconds.

Please Note: Not suitable for use in Scotland, who have lower legal limits than the rest of the UK.

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