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2020 - Apprenticeship Scotland and Northern Ireland

The range and level of funding is broadly based on the level of the training and the age of your apprentice. This means that younger apprentices will gain more funding towards training than those aged over 25. It should be noted that the funding for MA’s is a contribution towards the training and that employers can enhance the training received to get more out of the experience.

For the transport industry Modern Apprenticeships fall into several groups. These comprise many individual units, providing a flexible way of ensuring your apprentice can meet the standards, while at the same time shaping the training needs of your business.

We offer the Following Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship in Driving  Goods Vehicle This MA is provided to allow new entrants to join the transport industry as well as those already employed, to progress from one level to the next.

Funding depends on the age, experience and ability of the apprentice meaning we can upgrade van to Cat C and Cat C drivers to C+E. This system has the added benefit that employers can identify individuals early and plan their progression, someone doing a level 5 van MA can do a level 6 HGV MA after three years and qualify for funding again.

Driver MA’s can also be undertaken without an upgrade to the licence and the enhancements we can offer for this apprenticeship route include:

•  Dangerous goods training (ADR)

•  Safety training

•  First aid

•  Driver assessor training

• Fuel economy trainer training

• B+E Training

Modern Apprenticeship in Warehousing and Distribution Aimed at those working in the warehousing or storage environment at any level. The type of training that we deliver to help develop the individual will again depend on their own particular skills and experience but may include the following:

•  Forklift truck

•  Health and safety

•  Dangerous goods awareness

•  First aid

•  CILT Level 4 Certificate in logistics and transport

All candidates will be assessed over the course of their apprenticeship using evidence based portfolios on the work they actually do. The training will be developed to help them gain a greater understanding of how they can continue to work effectively.

RHA Training offers a range of standard and bespoke training solutions aimed at keeping businesses compliant and employees updated.

In line with some of the Modern Apprenticeships there may be additional fees to pay. We have on offer free information sessions.

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