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Safety for Executives & Directors – 1 day Course St. Helens

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Who Should Attend

If you have overall operational or strategic accountability for an organisation, responsible for determining and implementing effective stafety and health management and monitoring its success. 

Emplyed in a Director's role; owners of small-to medium sized enterprises or Executive / non-Executive Dirtectors of larger organisations with governance structures. 

Aims of the Course:

To Provide an understanding of the moral, legal and business case for proactive safety, health risk management, strategic safety and health management and its intergration into holistic business management systems and proceedures.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the legal, moral and financial role of Operational Directors, owners of small businesses and senior executives, including their responsibilities, liabilities and accountabilities, both personal and organisational
  • Explain the importatnce of safety and health at top management level and how intergrating those objectives into business management can help to minimise risk, reduce losses and make better use of time and rescources
  • Illustrate how to plan the direction for safety and health through developing and implementing company policy and systems
  • Explain the value of an adequately resourced and efficient safety and health management system, the value and benefits of training at all levels, and when to access competetnt advice.
  • Outline the benefits of good safety and health management systems, the consequences of failure to manage effectively, and how to ensure internal controls are working
  • Describe the importance of reviewing and continually improving management systems, especually following change or failure
  • Explain the positive impact and improvement that an organisation's leaders can have on its performance through their attitude and support for improving its safety culture
  • Describe the importance of setting key perfomance indicators and targets, together with performance monitoring and review for continual improvement in safety and health management

Each candidate will be required to sit a multiple choice test at the end of the course.

Candidates who successfully complete the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course will receive and IOSH accredited certificate

Course duration: full day

Start 9am

Finish 5pm

Refreshments only available.



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Price: £ 195.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 249.00 + VAT

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