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2020 - Mental Health First Aider Training - 2-Day Course

Price: £ 215.00 + VAT

By attending this 2-day course, delegates will be able to become a Mental Health First Aider. 

This course covers mental health issues and how they affect the workplace in much greater depth.  It also includes elements such as: depression, its symptoms and how to provide support; treatment and resources for anxiety disorders; and how to build support resources within the organisation. 

Course Content

Day 1

·         What is Mental Health First Aid?

·         An action plan

·         What is mental health?

·         Impact of mental health issues

·         Stigma and discrimination

·         What is depression?

·         Symptoms of depression

·         Risk factors for depression

·         Depression in the workplace

·         Suicide figures

·         Alcohol, drugs and mental health

·         First aid for suicidal crisis

·         Non-judgemental listening skills

·         First aid for depression

·         Treatment and resources for depression

·         Self-care

Day 2

·         What is an anxiety disorder?

·         First aid for anxiety disorders

·         Crisis first aid after a traumatic event

·         Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders

·         Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders

·         Cognitive distortions and CBT

·         Personality disorders

·         Eating disorders

·         Self-harm

·         What is psychosis?

·         Risk factors for psychosis

·         Alcohol, drugs and psychosis

·         Schizophrenia

·         Bipolar disorder

·         Warning signs of developing psychosis

·         Crisis first aid for acute psychosis

·         Treatment and resources for psychosis

·         Recovery and building resources

·         Action planning

Course start: 09:00

Included: Lunch, Refreshments, Certification and access to Mental Health Support Website.

Course ends: 17:00

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